How to Care for Stuffed Animals

Do you find stuffed animals intriguing? Do you want to keep them, forever?

Stuffed animals are mostly reminders of special moments which have taken place in your life. Some people like to keep stuffed animals they had when they were kids. Such pieces are special to everyone, no matter what age or gender group you belong to. However, these prized possessions get worn out over time, and proper care needs to be taken to maintain them.

Things required:

– Baking soda
– Brush
– Vacuum cleaner
– Rubbing Alcohol
– Soap
– Hair dryer
– Sunlight


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    Start off by following the instructions which the manufacturing company has given you. It’s mostly on the labels attached with the stuffed animal that you purchased. Mostly animals have a fur coat on them and it’s made up of synthetic material. Polyester is one of the biggest examples of a synthetic material. However, in some cases, these stuffed animals are covered with wool, which is a natural material.

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    To start off, you must sprinkle a little baking soda on your stuffed animals. You don’t have to keep the baking soda on them forever; in fact, after fifteen minutes, when you see that it has settled down; brush it off so that you don’t see a powder shining on your stuffed animals. This will keep the stuffed animal fresh.

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    If you see that there are dust particles on your stuffed animal, it is time for you to clean it. Mostly people use a cloth to clean off the dust on the stuffed animals, but that doesn’t do the trick. You must get yourself a vacuum cleaner and use it lightly in order to remove any dust particles on top of it. At times, there are ribbons and bows which are not tightly tied, so make sure that you don’t vacuum them as well.

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    Sometimes you will also need a cleaner and a sponge to remove left over marks. In case there are soiled marks which seem to be long-lasting, you can always opt to scrub them off with the help of a brush. Rubbing alcohol also helps you wipe off the stains.

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    Try to wash the stains off with soap and once you have done it, dry the stuffed animal with a hair dryer. It is best if you leave them outside to get dry in sunlight. It will take several days for you to dry them off, but will give you the best possible results.

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