How to Catch a Sea Trout on a Fly

Sea trout are extremely difficult to catch and you must have great skill and experience to get your target. You should be fully prepared if you need to catch a sea trout as they are very aggressive. Finding the right location is the most important thing. The sea trout is found in areas with grass. The most effective and popular bait that can be used are minnows with green back. Be patient when working your bait as this may take considerable time.

Things Required:

– Fishing rod
– Fishing reel
– Minnows as bait


  • 1

    Gather your fishing equipment

    The most important thing is to gather all your equipment for fishing before you sit down. There may be things that you may require during and after the process so make sure everything is with you so that you save time.

  • 2

    Find the perfect place for fishing

    The sea trout is found in certain areas so make sure you find the right place for fishing. Sea trout is found in areas where there is grass as they look for food. They can be found in rivers and streams in both winter and summer. You can hunt for locations before you start fishing to have an exact idea of where you might find the fish.

  • 3

    Cast your bait

    When you are sure of the location, cast a bait in the area. The most popular bait used for catching sea trout are minnows with a green back. They should be hooked at the end of the fishing rod so that they can lure the target.

  • 4

    Work the bait and change areas

    Once you have placed the bait at the end of the line, work your bait through the areas where you feel you may find the target. If the target could not be found in some places, change the area and follow the same process. You will have to remain patient throughout if you want to find your target so give the bait enough time to lure the sea trout.

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