Animal and Pet Rescues in New York

Looking for a new pet? Consider adopting from a pet rescue group in New York. You will save a life and get a great companion in return. Most shelters and rescue groups will have the animal spayed or neutered. And they will have their shots, as long as they are old enough. Be prepared to make a donation, but it will be put to good use. They are no profit organizations and really need the help. Most of them have the option of becoming a sponsor. You pick a dog or cat to sponsor and each month send a small amount for that animals up keep. You get a picture of the animal and a monthly up dates Nice way to help if you cannot adopt. You might also consider becoming a foster family by taking in an animal until a permanent home is found. And if you cannot keep an animal, don’t just let it go. First of all it is illegal and it only takes a couple of minutes to turn an animal into a shelter. Most of them are no kill shelters and your pet will get a new home and a new life. Take a look at the Animal Rescues in New York and find one near you.

Albany County, New York

Guilderland Shelter ( Dogs and Cats)

All dogs and cats are spayed/neutered and they have all their shots.

Menands Shelter ( dogs and cats)

Adopt a senior animal from them ( more than 7 years) and there is no adoption fee

Whiskers Cat and Kitten Rescue

All animals re spayed/neutered, have their shots and are tested for feline aids and leukemia

Broome County, New York

Broome County Animal Care Council ( Cats and Dogs)

They are an all volunteer group and they have many different types of fund raisers. Check the site to see if there is one you could attend.

Broome County Dog Shelter

Columbia County, New York

Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA (dogs and cats)

Based in Columbia County Also server Green County

Peppertree Rescue ( Dogs Only)

Check their web site. They have many adoption clinics in the area. You can put in an adoption application on line. They are also looking for volunteers.

Delaware County, New York

Heart o f the Catskills Humane Society ( cats and dogs)

Check their news section for up coming events for the benefit of the shelter.

Dutchess County, New York

Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF)( cats and dogs)

Erie County, New York
Saint Francis Animal Sanctuary (cats and dogs)

They have several feral cats who need sponsors desperately

SPCA ( cats, dogs and other animals including farm animals )

Check the calendar for up coming adoption events. They will take in any animal.

Ten Lives Club ( cats only)

Check out their senior program.

Fulton County, New York

Fulton County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( cats, dogs and small animals)

Web site is not up to date, so some of the animals shown may not be available, but give them a call.

James A. Brennan Memorial Humane Society

Herkimer County, New York
Herkimer County Humane Society( Dogs and Cats)

This is one of the few shelters that is open 7 days a week. They also accept empty cans and bottles as donations. Good idea.

Kings County, New York

Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition (BARC)(cats, dogs and small animals)

Check put the Spend a Dollar Save a Live section Nice way to help without spending a lot.

Mighty Mutts( cats and dogs)

They are an all- volunteer and no kill shelter

Madison County, New York

Wanderers Rest Humane Association( Dogs and Cats)

You can donate cans and bottles. Also they are looking for foster families.

Montgomery County, New York

Ayers Memorial Animal Shelter
They are a quality of life shelter Animals will only be put to sleep if there is non other choice.

Onondaga County, New York

Greyhound Outreach
It used to be when a Greyhound could no longer race, and therefore not make any money, it was simply put to sleep. Now there are rescue groups devoted to stopping that practice and finding homes for them instead.

Orange County, New York

Pets Alive(dogs and cats for adoption They also take in barnyard animals and retired carriage houses that need sponsors)

Pets Alive is a no kill shelter. Please check out their wish list. There is also a great DVD for sale. All money goes to the animals.

Schenectady County, New York

Animal Protective Foundation ( dogs, cats, rabbits etc.)

They offer dog training lessons.

Suffolk County, New York

Kent Animal Shelter (Cats and Dogs)

You can arrange for your cat to have a permanent home with them, if the cat outlives you. Check it out.

Little Shelter(cats and dogs)

Little Shelter is a no kill facility. They even take in animals from a kill facility. Also, they operate a pet cemetery.

Ulster County, New York

Rondout Valley Animals (dogs only)

They are a small facility. Take the virtual tour. They take great care of the animals

Ulster County SPCA, New York


They need help. They need a new roof, and fast. If you can help, please do. Also they are in need of foster families.

Warren County, New York

The SPCA of Upstate New York

The SPCA of UP State New York is the largest no kill shelter north of NYC.

These are just a few of the great shelters in New York State. Many of them offer programs such as dog training classes, low-cost spay and neuter programs, etc. Please check out your local shelter if you are looking for a pet. You could save a life.

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