Clear Up Your Dog’s Body Odor

Some dogs just have an unpleasant smell and others acquire unpleasant smells from rolling around in trash, digging around in certain areas, or eating something that has an awful smell. Whatever the reason there are a number of things you can do to clear up your dog’s bad body odor. First, make sure you groom your dog often. Brushing their coat helps to remove odors that pile up in their fur causing body odor. Brushing helps remove excess oils from the skin and hair. Applying deodorizers and moisturizers when you brush your dog also helps clear up the body odor. My dog loves to dig and get into everything when she is outside so she often has a bad body odor or at least she use to. I started grooming her and spraying her with moisturizers and she smells much better, in fact, because I groom her everyday and spray her the smell of the spray stays in her fur clearing up any body odors.

Bathing your dog will definitely clear up body odors. Use a pet shampoo with a deodorizer or moisturizer and give your dog a good wash all over. If your dog has a very oily coat, you may want to try a tar-based shampoo instead of regular shampoo. The tar-based shampoo works much better to grind out dirt and clear up excessive build up in your dog’s coat. The shampoos are available at pet stores. However, if your pet is very oily make sure you don’t wash him too much. Excessive washing can cause oil glands to increase causing your pet to be even oilier and have more body odor. Try washing your pet once a month.

A couple of things that can cause your pet to have body odor are ear infections and bad teeth. Be sure to clean your pet’s ears to prevent infections that cause body odor. Make sure you clean their ears when you bath or groom them or you can clean your dog’s ears using vinegar mixed with water. Double the amount of water you have of vinegar and rub with a cotton ball on your dog’s ears. Cleaning your pet’s teeth will help clear up body odor. You can buy a toothbrush specifically for your dog from pet stores or use a washcloth and rub your dog’s teeth. Don’t use human toothpaste. There are toothpastes available for pets. You will probably need to work your way up to brushing your dog’s teeth allowing them to get use to their teeth being rubbed or brushed. The best thing to do is start brushing their teeth when they are young.

To help clear up body odor you can use a breath mint. Breath mints may be available at pet stores but you can also put some mouthwash in a spray bottle and add a cup of water to dilute the solution, and then spray it in your dog’s mouth. This will not only help clear up body odor but bad breath as well.

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