Taking Care of Your New Dog

A new dog is a wonderful addition to any family but there are many things that must be done to take good care of our dog. Most of us have a general idea of how to take of a dog but are they the right things. There are many things we don’t do because they just don’t cross our minds. Here are some helpful hints that you can use that will aid you in caring for your dog.

1 – Don’t use Q-tips to clean out your dog’s ears. Dogs don’t like getting their ears cleaned and may make a sudden movement to get away. The cotton swab can end up going further into their ears and cause damage. There are clean clothes made for cleaning out your dog’s ears or when you take them to the vet. have them clean it.

2 – A dog’s breath can be very bad keeping you from accepting their kisses. There are many pet stores that offer doggie breath strips and even natural breath enhancers in pill form to help with your dog’s breath. You can also look on the internet.

3 – Be careful when treating your dog for fleas. Don’t use bug repellants because they can contain chemicals that are poisonous to your dog. The best thing for fleas is to use Adam’s flea spray because it won’t harm your dog. You can also check with your vet about some flea guards.

4 – Be sure to take your new dog to the vet to help keep them in good health. Your vet will give your dog the vaccines it needs. Also check on 6-month heartworm preventative injections that are now available.

5 – Dogs love to have their own space. If your dog is crate-trained, he may spend more time in his crate when he sick. If he doesn’t have a crate, try to give him an area that’s all his own.

A new dog is a big responsibility and should not be taking lightly. This new pet will bring you happiness and companionship and will make a great addition to any family. There is no better friend for a child than a dog. You owe it to your new pet to take action on these helpful hints to ensure you provide the best care for your dog.

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