Ten Family-Friendly Original Jokes About Dogs

These ten family friendly original jokes about dogs are sure to have you splitting your sides, though perhaps with groaning instead of with laughter. No matter what kind of dog you and your kids have, or wish you could have, these jokes will have you chuckling. If you’re a dog lover, or even (gasp!) a dog hater, read on to get your funny bone tickled with ten never before written or told, clean and family friendly, jokes about man’s best friend.

There are two basic ways to use these ten family friendly original jokes about dogs: you can read them with your kids, or you can learn them yourself and then tell them to your kids. The nice thing about reading these dog jokes together is that you can all have a spontaneous laugh, and you won’t have to worry about your delivery or your comic timing. The nice thing about learning these dog jokes yourself and then telling them to your family is that you can keep them in your back pocket for the right occasion, like when there’s a quiet stretch at the dinner table, or during a car trip, and then pull out a joke to get everybody smiling again. Whichever way you choose to use them, enjoy these ten family friendly original jokes about dogs in all of their groan inducing, pun filled glory.

A: Knock knock.
B: Who’s there?
A: Schnauzer.
B: Schnauzer who?
A: I know you’ve always wanted to open the door, and Schnauzer (Now’s Your) big chance!

Q: What’s A Baby’s Favorite Dog?
A: A Chi-waaaawaaaa! (Chihuahua)

Q: What kind of dog loves corn?
A: A HUSK-y! (You know, like corn husks.)

A: Knock knock.
B: Who’s there?
A: Terrier.
B: Terrier who?
A: Don’t terrier (Tear Your) clothes on the way in!

Q: What’s A Cowboy’s Favorite Dog?
A: A Whippet. (Whip it!)

A: Knock knock.
B: Who’s there?
A: Collie.
B: Collie who?
A: Go home and I’ll Collie (call) ya later!

Q: What’s A Chef’s Favorite Dog?
A: A Chow Chow!
Q: What’s A Chef’s Second Favorite Dog?
A: A Hot Dog!

A: Knock knock.
B: Who’s there?
A: Rottweiler.
B: Rottweiler who?
A: Don’t rottweiler (Rot While You’re) waiting to get in.

Q: What’s A Vampire’s Favorite Dog?
A: A Bloodhound!
Q: What’s A Vampire’s Second Favorite Dog?
A: Another Bloodhound!

Q: What kind of dog is covered in water?
A: A wet dog!

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