How to Hunt Feral Hogs

Hunting is a passion for many people and they love to spend their weekend outdoors for a little adventure. Feral hogs live in the wild and are usually hunted as they provide a unique challenge and lots of succulent meat. In many areas, there are certain quotas on the number of feral hogs that can be hunted. These quotas are in place to keep the population of feral hogs in check without wiping out the species from a particular area. If you want to successfully hunt feral hogs then take some guidance from the following methods.

Things Required:

– Hunting Rifle
– Hunting Bow
– Pheromones
– Trap
– Food
– First Aid Kit


  • 1

    First, you should select an appropriate weapon for hunting feral hogs. Usually people prefer using a hunting rifle. However, if you do not like rifle then take a hunting bow with you.

  • 2

    However, it becomes more challenging to hunt feral hogs by using a hunting bow because it requires you to get close to the animal before releasing an arrow. It is usually not recommended for beginners.

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    Before looking for hogs to hunt, you need to set up a box blind that will help you in keeping yourself hidden from the animal, even if you are quite close.

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    Feral hogs usually live in clans and you should patiently wait for all of them to appear in your shooting range. It will help you to fire on many hogs at the same time and chances are high that you will get at least a couple of them.

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    Hogs love pheromones and you can attract them towards a desired place by using sponges soaked in these scents. It will help to bring many hogs in your hunting area and save you a lot of time as you do not have to track them in the wild.

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    Many hunters use different types of traps for hunting feral hogs and they are very successful in applying these techniques. You can also build traps by digging a big hole and filling it with dry leaves. Any hog that walks through will fall in this hole and you can easily hunt it.

  • 7

    While going out for hog hunting, always take sufficient amount of food with you because, sometimes, it takes an entire day or more to find the hogs.

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