Atlanta’s Doggie Daycare Explosion

While most people tend to remember their own relaxation and refreshment needs, sometimes they forget those of their loyal pets. Dogs for the most part are fairly good at entertaining themselves during the day, while their owners are hard at work. But some dogs become lonely. And that frustration can cause chewing, aggressive behavior, and other psychological anomalies. It may seem a bit excessive, but enrolling your pet in some sort of daycare facility from time to time may be the answer to relieving some of your pooch’s “stress.”


Most suburban neighborhoods in the metro Atlanta area have a local PetSmart nearby. Those familiar with this pet store’s set-up know that doggies and kitties are more than welcome to peruse the store with their owners. However, in addition to carrying a plethora of pet supplies, PetSmart has introduced a service called Doggie Day Camp.

The Day Camp was established primarily for the entertainment of your pet. Since animals have different temperaments, they must first be screened in order to assess what type of play group will be most appropriate for them. At PetSmart, the canine caregivers have been specifically trained in animal behavior. The Day Camps provide indoor entertainment for the dogs, and even present overnight accommodations if need be.

Barking Hound Village

Voted one of Atlanta’s most popular daycare facilities for canines, Barking Hound Village offers supreme services for your beloved pet. At this facility, dogs are treated to any number of activities including playing ball, taking a simple rest outside underneath trees, a dip in the doggie pool, and tons of personal attention and affection.

For the discriminating dog owner, there are even luxury doggie accommodations available for overnight stays. The Barking Hound Village Lofts off Lambert Drive in Atlanta provide double height windows, and even a pleasant doggie “dÃ?©cor” complete with black and white photography. It is suggested that the dog’s own bedding be supplied so that the animal feels more at home during his/ her overnight stay. Daycare amenities are also included in the stay, along with grooming and/ or activities. A standard overnight stay costs between $25 and $30 per pet, depending upon the number of pounds he/she weighs. The luxury accommodations cost an additional $5-$15 depending upon “room” size. All pets enjoying the Barking Hound overnight facilities must be spayed or neutered.

Camp Woof

The ultimate “Happy Hour” for canines is perhaps Dekalb, Georgia’s Camp Woof facility. Here the focus is on providing an environment where dogs can safely play and interact with other dogs all day long. In addition to socializing with other animals, guests of Camp Woof receive lots of loving attention from the staff.

The building itself at Camp Woof is established inside a 9000 square foot facility which consists of an indoor play area, futons for lounging, and kennels for overnight visits. There is also an outdoor fenced play area where pups can run freely in a safe environment. For kitschy canine owners, Camp “Cams” have been installed so that photographs of pets in action can be presented as a souvenir. Camp Woof, which is open from 7am to 7pm, seven days a week, is located in the outside the downtown area of Atlanta, very near to Emory University.

Cloud Nine Canines

Some dogs, no matter how frequently they visit the dog kennel, are still stressed and nervous about being left alone in a strange environment. Enter the scene: Cloud Nine Canines. This particular facility specializes in making doggies feel right at home. What makes this facility special is that Cloud Nine accommodates only 10 dogs at a time. The daycare is essentially set up to feel like a typical “home” environment. That means that there are futon couches and, televisions (tuned to the Animal Planet channel) for your dog to enjoy. Moreover, Cloud Nine has provided “home-like” sounds and sensations such as the smell of food cooking and ringing phones to simulate a dog’s experience in his/her own home. Pet owners are encouraged to visit with their pets prior to making any reservations. This is so that a temperament test and a general tour of the “home” can be completed. The daycare itself only costs $17 per day. Overnight boarding costs $8 more. To further ensure pet owners that all pets are taken good care of, and are enjoying themselves, Cloud Nine staff takes photos and provides short movies of their boarders in action.

Piedmont Bark

A virtual amusement park for animals, Piedmont Bark-located at what is commonly known as “doggie central”-is a great place to exercise your dog’s fancy. The facility situated in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park, opens at 7am, and pets are divided into play groups according to their weight, size, and temperament. The indoor playrooms have been designed to resemble a park, so they have lots of natural and artificial light. Floors are made with built in drains and reinforced concrete, so that the play areas can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

Similar to daycare for children, doggies are treated to playtime all morning long. They are then scheduled for potty breaks outside, and then naptime. Daily rates begin at $20, with lesser day care times charged in $5 increments. And if you’re really intent on spoiling your pet, schedule his/her own birthday party at Piedmont Bark. Birthday party packages include a birthday banner, a doggie-digestive friendly birthday cake with personalized greeting, bowls of filtered water, and even a few edible human treats as well. Access to the Piedmont Bark facilities is at your disposal for the birthday bash. One member of staff will also be on hand to help monitor the animals, and smooth the progress of your party. These packages cost only $200.

Whether you are in need of overnight care, or simply want to provide a social outlet for your pet, there are plenty of hidden options right there under your nose. Most (if not all) centers will only accommodate your pet if he/she has been spayed or neutered. Also, make sure that dogs have had all their appropriate vaccinations. Many of the day care facilities have food. But because some animals are more nervous when spending time outside the home, it’s encouraged that owners provide their dog’s favorite food. It’s very easy to overlook your pet’s needs. But taking the time to consider the psychological well-being of your animal can make life at home that much easier.

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