How to Keep Birds off Window Sills and Rooflines

Birds on window sills and rooftops may make a wonderful sight for a nature lover. However, they can also create great nuisance. Their droppings not only force to take up a cleaning job every other day but can also jam your windows when left for long. These droppings are also known to cause more than 60 known diseases. So the next time you catch a flu or a virus, it might just could have originated from those innocent birds out on the sill. To make matters worse, bird droppings can destroy paint, varnish and the woodwork of your house because they contain a lethal levels of uric acid. Window sills and Rooftops make an excellent shelter for birds and are attractive places to land at and rest. However, with all these eminent dangers, you will have to make sure they do not come close to your property.


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    Transparent bird gel:

    This gel comes specifically for the purpose of keeping away birds from landing on your property. This gel is available in tubes and can be applied using a caulking gun. One tube can easily caulk an area of 10 feet long by 3 inches wide. The gel is effective for up to six months and is very effective in keeping away birds.

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    Birds can be deterred from landing on the roof line using spikes, made especially for this purpose. These spikes make landing on the roof line extremely uncomfortable but have blunted points and do not cause any injury. So the birds, you and your pet are safe. They come in both steel and plastic and also in a variety of colors to match your roof line. Get spikes according to the color of your exterior paint according to the aesthetic sense.

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    Bird sonics:

    When you install these devices on your window sills and roof lines, they keep a watch on all bird movement and sound near them. When they sense a bird landing or roosting, they emit shrill noises that make the bird fly away. These noises are usually sounds bird predators to make them fearful and flee and keep altering so that the birds do not get the trick. Noises like a hawk screeching are enough to give the birds a blast. These sounds are extremely effective against pigeons, crows and gulls.

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