How to Build a Horseback Riding Jump

In order to train your horse to perform jumps you will need to practice a lot before the horse will actually be able to jump in a show or even for fun. With you riding your horse, there is a big chance that the horse will not jump, and abruptly stop, resulting in your fall, as it is not in a horse’s nature to jump with a rider on. You will need to construct a jump design which will help you train your horse. The jump design consists of poles and standards. Keep reading this article to learn how to build a horseback riding jump.


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    The first step is to cut the pieces of wood which should be somewhere around eight feet, in half, to get two separate four feet long pieces of wood. These are to be used as uprights and will support the jump cups.

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    Now take two more pieces which should also be eight feet in length and then cut them into four pieces which should be two feet in length. You will now have eight pieces of wood at your disposal, use these pieces to hold the two pieces of wood which you cut before.

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    You now need to drill holes in the upright pieces after every three inches. The holes need to be drilled clean, for which you need to take extra care.

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    After drilling the holes, you need to put the piece of wood upright on a table and attach one of the two feet long pieces to the base of the upright wooden piece. Put them together with the help of three screws.

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    You now need to attach three more pieces to the base of the upright pieces of wood in a similar fashion, with a 90 degree angle between all the two-feet long pieces. Now if you notice, the bottom of the upright wood will resemble a pinwheel.

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    You now need to repeat the same process to prepare the second four-feet long piece.

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    You can now attach the jump cups to the upright wood pieces through the holes. You will need to follow the directions with the jump cups to see if they have pins or are pinless. Following these directions is vital for the proper fixing of the standards.

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    Now to enhance their appearance, you can paint stripes on your wooden poles. It is recommended that you use an outdoor paint which is made to endure harsh weather.  Instead of using paint, the poles can also be wrapped with jump tape, making stripes.

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