How to Rid Your Apartment of Rats and Mice

Many people, moving into new apartment, sometimes face a problem that mice or rats are moving around in every room including kitchen. They become terrified because rats and mice usually create trouble all the time and sometimes people face it difficult to sleep at night because of the continuous noise that these little creatures keep on producing. However, getting rid of rats and mice in your apartment is not that difficult. You just need to do certain things that will help you in making your apartment freed from rats and mice. Keep reading to learn more in this regard.


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    First of all, you need to buy glue traps from the market and put them at least one in every room of your apartment including kitchen and bathroom. Do not forget to put a piece of cheese in the middle of every glue trap which will grab the attention of rats and mice and chances are high that they will get caught in this trap.

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    You can also utilise snap trap which is an old fashioned but effective trap for rats and mice. The pulley system of this trap immediately makes it snapped when the rat or mice reaches to the piece of cheese and the little creature gets trapped.

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    You should also need to find all small holes in your kitchen, bathroom, garage and other rooms of your apartment because rats and mice always flee to these small holes. Try to close all these holes which will help in reducing the number of rats or mice in your apartment.

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    Make sure you do not leave unwashed utensils in the dishwasher especially in the night because rats and mice will get attracted towards these unwashed dishes. So, always wash the dishes and leave the dishwasher properly cleaned.

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    Always keep the garbage can properly covered because the open garbage cans or bins always attract rats and mice and they will remain stick around to find opportunity to find something from the garbage.

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    Always avoid throwing the food remnants here and there because rats and mice always seek eating items and they will never leave your apartment if they frequently find any food items on the floor or in the kitchen corners.

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    Make sure you keep all of your apartment’s windows and doors closed especially at night when rats and mice leave their holes for food hunt. In this way, they will not find a way to get into your apartment.

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