How to Give a Bird Medicine

As a bird owner, when your bird becomes sick it becomes adamant that you deal this situation skilfully. You cannot force it to take medicine as most of the birds can be obstinatein this regard. Getting your bird to take medicine calmly can be a real challenge and at times it may appear as something impossible. Nevertheless, there are some very basic and simple guidelines you can consider to help you be successful in this attempt.

Things Required:

– Syringes
– Medicine
– Towel
– Net


  • 1

    Consult an avian veterinarian

    First of all consult a good avian veterinarian of your area and discuss the condition of your bird. Make sure to pay close attention to his/her instructions, including medication techniques. In case if you are a beginner or not clear about any step, don’t hesitate to ask your vet for a "hands-on" demonstration.

  • 2

    Plan ahead

    Once you consult the doctor, have all the required things available prior to restraining your bird.

  • 3

    Fill the dropper or Syringe

    Now fill the syringe or dropper with the prescribed dose of medication and place it within your reach.

  • 4

    Capture your bird

    It is the time to properly handle your bird. Use both of your hands to capture your feathered pet. Now hold it gently in your hand or simply wrap it in a towel. However, make sure that its’ head is exposed and tilted upward, allowing access to the mouth.

  • 5

    Make sure to prevent injury or escape

    Properly hold down the wings and legs of the bird in your grasp in order to avoid escape or injury.

  • 6

    Feed Your Bird

    Hold your bird with one hand and use the other hand to place the tip of the syringe or dropper at the corner of the mouth. Now gently dispense the medication by squeezing the dropper’s bulb or pushing the syringe’s handle, and allow the medicine to trickle between the upper and lower beak right into the back of the mouth/throat.

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