How to Treat Your Pet’s Poisoning

Pets are constantly poking their noses into stuff, sniffing, and even eating strange things. Sometimes the snooping around causes your pet to come in contact with something poisonous. Pets can’t read labels and avoid substances that may be harmful to them so it is your job to be sure your pet doesn’t come in contact with poisonous substances. However since we can’t watch them 24/7, if your pet happens to come across something they shouldn’t be in contact with there are a number of things you can do to immediately treat your pet. After you apply these treatments make sure you take your pet to the vet for an examination.

If you think your pet has gotten into something they shouldn’t have, first find out what it is and the ingredients in the poisonous substance. The vet will need to know exactly what they have taken. Also, find out just how much they took. If your pet is vomiting try to get a sample of it and put it in a plastic bag to show the vet. If your pet has swallowed pills or other toxic substances, try to get him to vomit by giving him a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide for every ten pounds your pet weighs. Put the solution in a syringe, in a cup with a squirt or dispenser, or a baby cup, tilt your pet’s head back, and slowly pour into your pet’s mouth. Your pet should vomit within several minutes, however, some pets are like people, it may take longer. If they don’t vomit after 15 minutes, try a second time but no more than that.

If your pet has swallowed something like drain cleaner or kerosene, don’t try to get them to vomit it will make things worse. If it is drain cleaner, give your pet about three teaspoons of vinegar or lemon juice with water. If it was acid, like chewing on a battery, give him about a teaspoon of some Milk of Magnesia for every five pounds. You can also try giving your pet some pet charcoal to absorb the toxins from the poisoning substances before they are absorbed in the system. Milk will also work to absorb the poisoned toxins while coating the stomach, which helps treat the problem. However don’t overdo it, if your pet is already vomiting that is a good sign that they are purging the poisonous substances. Don’t give your pet anything to eat or drink if they are already feeling sick.

Not all poison is swallowed. Sometimes pets get poison substances on their coats, which can cause damage. To treat external poisoning, immediately wash the poisonous substance off thoroughly with warm water. After the initial rinse with water you can use shampoo to remove as much of the poison as possible. Just as if they had swallowed something poisonous, take your pet to the vet right after you wash them.

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