Is Your Pet’s Vision Getting Blurry?

Is your pet bumping into things? It may not be clumsiness it could be their vision. Most pets have exceptional eyesight much better than humans. However, older pets can begin to have vision problems. Unlike humans, pets with blurry vision can still adapt because of their other keen senses they can still get around fairly easy. Some pets can hear sounds humans struggle to hear. Some pets can suffer from progressive retinal atrophy, which means that can’t see in dim lighting or some suffer from cataracts or glaucoma. Luckily, there are treatments available to treat your pet’s blurry vision. Not only can you take them to the vet to correct their blurry vision, there are also things you can do to help your pet deal with their blurry vision.

Furniture that is not in the same location makes it hard on your pet that is suffering from blurry vision. If your pet stays in the house, cut down on rearranging the furniture. Pets get use to things being in a certain manner and even if their vision is blurry they can make their way around pretty easily if the furniture stays in the same position it was the last time they saw it. If you do move the furniture around, take your pet on a nice walk around the house to get them acquainted with the new changes. Show them one or two rooms at a time then slowly build up to the entire house, if changes were made all over.

Most pets adapt to things easily and therefore they like things to be predictable. This is even more important if your pet’s vision is blurry. Make sure you put their food, water, toys, even litter boxes in the same place. Not only does it help them find their valuables but it also gives your pet order and security. Most pets like things to be in the same place. The less you move them around, the better your pet learns and is comfortable. If your pet’s vision is blurry, make sure you don’t let them wander around outside of the house without a leash. If they are not use to being outside they can easily wander into dangerous situations, right into the middle of the street or into the pool. There have been many pets with vision problems that have drowned because they fell into the pool.

A couple of more things you can do to help your pet deal with their blurry vision. You can always get another pet to help out your pet’s blurry vision. Having another pet in the house can help and assist the pet with the blurry vision get around. Lastly, if your pet is suffering from blurry vision make sure you keep the hair around their eyes trimmed, if they have hair hanging in front of their eyes, that can make blurry vision even worse.

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