Tips for Pets Suffering from Anxiety

Some owners know that their pet suffers from anxiety – thousands of pets do – but other owners have no idea what’s wrong with their pet. Some signs that your pet might have anxiety issues are wetting when excited, tearing up things in the house while you’re gone, or even howling after you’ve gone to bed. There are ways to help your pet improve or completely recover from anxiety problems.

Some people say it helps to do something special for your pet when you’ll be gone for awhile. Giving the animal a treat, for example, reassures the pet that you care about him. Chew bones for dogs, or special treats for cats can be a big help. Get dogs the type of bone that will keep him busy awhile. While animals are busy with their treats they have less time to concentrate on missing you.

Recommendations from other pet owners include leaving on the television or radio while you’re away. Some animals are calmed by the noise and some even watch the picture. As a matter of fact, new DVD’s are being released that are especially for pets. You pop it in the player as you leave and they’ll be entertained for hours watching other pets romp and play. There’s even internet radio stations just for animals, now.

Some medications can help your dog or cat with his or her anxiety issues, but most owners don’t like the idea of their pet being on pills all his life. Some herbal remedies are a little easier on the pet’s system and have no long-term effects. If all else has failed, and your pet is still suffering from anxiety, ask your vet about these medications.

There are pet owners who feel their pet is just an animal then there are those who will go to any extreme to make sure their pet is treated well. If you’re one of these people, who considers your pet one of the family, perhaps you’d be interested in getting your dog a massage. The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association suggests just such treatment for animals suffering from anxiety or nervousness.

The T-Touch, one type of massage for pets, uses specific touches, on particular areas of the body, to calm nervous pets. Acupuncture is another holistic suggestion. This ancient therapy can not only calm an animal but can ease arthritis pain and other ailments. A supplement called Chondroitin can also relieve joint pain.

Your pet doesn’t have to suffer with loneliness and anxiety when you leave. Rent him a movie, put lots of his toys out for play, tune the radio to the type of music you listen to when you’re home, and maybe even consider a nice massage for Fido. You’ll be surprised at how much calmer he’ll become.

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