How to Darken a Horse’s Coat

Many horse owners are worried by the changing coat on their horses. They want the natural coat to remain but due to excess exposure to the sun, there are chances that the coat gets lighter over the period of time. However, the coat can be kept darker with the help of a few things. You can use various ways to keep a dark coat which includes the use of iron supplements, canola oil, salt and Ultra Violet repellent mesh rugs. All of the mentioned things can be used to protect or darken the coat of your horse.


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    Iron supplements

    Give your horse a dose of iron supplements. This diet will help in maintaining a dark coat on the horse. The iron supplements help in keeping a dark and a shiny colour, and are also useful in maintaining a good health for your horse. However, it is important that you consult a veterinarian before you select the supplements as he or she will help you in getting the best results.

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    Canola oil

    This is also a very good remedy to darken the coat. Add one cup of canola oil to the diet of the horse. The oil should be poured in the regular feed for about three times a week for best results. Once you are starting to get the results, lessen the canola oil diet to once a week.

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    UV repellent mesh rugs

    This one is a great way to protect the coat. You need to buy an Ultra Violet rays repellent mesh rug. Make sure you cover your horse with it whenever you take it out in the sun with you. The rug will protect the horse from any UV rays and will help in maintaining the coat.

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    Sometimes it is the lack of iodine that lightens the colour of the coat. To counter it, you can add a bit of salt to the diet of the horse.

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