Flea and Tick Treatments: Are You Poisoning Your Pet?

Fleas and ticks, the worst problem your pet faces everyday. We, as loving pet owners, try to do what ever we can to make sure that our pets live a happy and comfortable life. But, we could actually be putting our pets in danger by using poisonous chemicals found in popular flea treatments. Are you poisoning your pet?

THE WORST flea and tick treatment to use on cats and dogs is Sergeants Silver. Now I don’t mean it is the worst as in a “not working product” Unfortunately, this label indicates something far worse. When applied on cats more than half will begin to undergo a series of seizures. The small animals will begin convulsing, and hiss at anything and everything. There are not hissing because they hate you, instead this is a defense mechanism because their brain is sending signals that impair their vision. They can not see you. This disoriented nature makes the caring pet owner become scared and feeling as though they have nearly cost the life of their dear companion.

This flea and tick treatment contains pesticides that are found in weed killers such as Round-Up among various others. It is extremely poisonous to small animals. If you have already applied this to your animal, and they are going through seizures put them immediately into a large amount of water to dilute this toxin.

Household sprays for carpets and furniture when your house becomes infested with fleas, unfortunately do not work well. Even though they promise it will kill them and their eggs keeping them away for days, even months this is nothing more than a marketing ploy.

Flea and tick treatment : Shampoos for dogs and cats that promise the same relief, only last between 1 and 7 days before you need to reapply.

The only relief I can give you is the fact that there are real flea and tick treatments that can help your animal but they are rather expensive. A few of the products are Advantage, Frontline, and Preventive. The cost can range anywhere between $14-$60 depending on how much of a dose you wish to purchase and who you go see, whether it be a veterinarian or a pet store.

So even though the cost of good flea and tick treatments may be expensive, the cost of inadvertently poisoning them to death is more severe.

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