Canine Review: The Sporting Group of the Dog World

You should think of the Sporting Group as the “jocks” of the canine world. These dogs are athletic, energetic and hunters by nature. Sadly, the instinctive traits of the Sporting Group are not being put to much use these days. Man no longer needs the aid of a dog to retrieve game birds, waterfowl or small animals to supply the family with dinner. Today, the Sporting Group is usually delegated to simply being the family playmate.

This breed of dog works well for the family who loves to hike, jog, camp or enjoy the great outdoors. These dogs will absolutely thrive if they happen to luck up and find an owner who does hunt – or compete in field trials. To put it bluntly, if your household consists of quiet, inactive couch potatoes – you should not purchase a dog from the Sporting Group. He or she will be miserable.

Dogs from the Sporting Group are enthusiastic and ready to please. If they are left alone all day while you work – and then you expect them to be happy watching you watch television all evening . . . you will have one sad pooch on your hands. In fact, if you don’t provide dogs from the Sporting Group outlets for their energy, you might find they turn your home into their very own demolition derby! It’s just against the Sporting Group’s nature to be happy at a never ending snooze festival. Dogs in the Sporting Group will let you know what they are feeling. If their need for interaction is not met, they may actually start to whine and cry.

Active owners find that dogs from the Sporting Group are loyal, gentle and friendly. They are much like older children and they will easily outperform you during playtime. Their endurance and stamina are something to be marveled. The Sporting Group is divided into four categories: retrievers, setters, pointers and spaniels. The American Kennel Club , The United Kennel Club and The Canadian Kennel Club are wonderful resources if you wish to learn more the Sporting Group. You can learn about each breed, as well as gain access to the National Breed Club and Classifieds.

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