How to Care for a California King Snake

Generally, snakes are considered dangerous to human beings as their venom of a snake can prove fatal. However, there are a few snake species which can be kept as pets, for instance a California King Snake. However, before you can keep a California King Snake as a pet, there are a few things that you will need to take care of such as providing appropriate living space and food.

Things Required:

– Aquarium
– Mesh lid
– Latches
– Pinky mice
– Basking lamp


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    The most important thing you will need is an aquarium big enough for your California King Snake. For a baby snake, an aquarium that can hold 10 gallons of water would suffice. However, California Kings grow rapidly. Keep this in mind when purchasing an aquarium.

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    California King Snakes have an escape artist nature as they can find their way out of most enclosures. To prevent such an outcome, be sure to secure the mesh lid of the aquarium with latches. If the latches do not work, place small weights on all four corners of the mesh lid.

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    Feed the snake on time with pinky mice. This does not work for baby snakes because they might end up dead trying to eat live prey. For this reason, baby snakes should be fed with dead mice. Before feeding a mouse to the snake, place it in a cup full of hot water for 45 minutes. Start with one mouse and feed more if required.

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    Under no circumstances should you put more than one King Snake in a single aquarium. This is because King Snakes have the tendency attack, kill and eventually eat each other.

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    Place a rock, log or any other item that will serve as a hiding place for the snake. This is important because California King Snakes have a nocturnal nature and thus like their privacy.

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    Basking lamp is another important thing you will need for taking proper care of a California King Snake. It is important to ensure that the right amount of light prevails inside the aquarium at all times. A basking lamp is just the right thing to assure this.

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