Herbal Products to Pamper Your Kitty

Many cat owners are choosing to pamper their furry, feline friends with natural, holistic herbal products rather than conventional veterinary medicine. The herbal philosophy holds that a natural diet and lifestyle are the best foundation for the maximum healthy and longevity for pets. Herbal products are being used to treat and prevent health issues targeting pets. Holistic treatment uses natural products from our environment rather than man-made medicines and the results from pet owners have been favorable.

Pampering herbal products are dispensed in liquid or powder forms. Pet owners can mix the product with food, dispense through a dropper syringe, or mix it with water. It seems there is an herbal product for any ailment or chronic condition your cat may have. Herbal products are also available and used as vitamins to promote general health for certain systems. From dental care to constipation relief, the holistic veterinary practice of medicine has thought of an herbal relief product for your kitty.

For cats with allergies, an allergy relief herbal product will strengthen and support your cat’s body to better deal with symptoms of allergy. A calming herbal product is available for the many cats who become anxious in the face of high-tension events such as going to the veterinarian, groomer, or traveling by car or plane. To keep your feline’s eye health at its optimum, a vision herbal product is at hand. Dental care herbs will keep your cat’s teeth and gums clean. To detoxify your cat’s system, an herbal purifier will enhance the overall health of your cat. Relieve your cat’s diarrhea and soft stool predicament with a diarrhea relief herbal product. For cats with upset stomachs and weak digestive systems, pamper your kitty with some digestive relief herbal products.

Cats with gas can be miserable. Gas relief herbal products will improve their digestion, relieve inflammation of their digestive system, and improve their intestinal movements. This should relieve the pain and pressure of gas. If your kitty has been injured or put through a traumatic event, an injury relief product is accessible. Cats with pulled muscles, broken limbs, or those recovering from a surgery will benefit greatly and bounce back quickly. Itch relief will improve the overall skin health of your kitty. Skin and coat products will maintain coat health and prevent shedding of your kitty. If your cat has joint pain and inflammation as well as problems with circulation, joint relief in the form of an herbal product is obtainable.

Does your cat get sick in the car? Relieve nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea associated with motion sickness with motion sickness relief. Kill parasitic worms and strengthen your cat’s digestive system against future outbreaks with a parasite relief herbal product. If your cat is constipated, a bowel relief herb will relieve constipation and help your kitty have normal bowel movements. Echinachea in herbal form will stimulate your cat’s immune system and is designed to help fight infection. If your cat has been diagnosed with cancer, an herbal product may help reduce the growth of tumors, purify blood, and carry destroyed tissue. This may help strengthen your cat’s system so normal cells can destroy abnormal ones. A homeopathic remedy to help relieve pain, itching, and swelling from bug bites and stings such as fleas, wasps, spiders, ants, mosquitoes, horseflies, and bees is also accessible.

For older kitties, rejuvenation is accessible through an herbal tonic that will improve their appetite, digestion, and immune system. Strengthen your cat’s respiratory system and lungs with pampering herbal products. If your cat is sluggish in attitude a thyroid booster may be the answer. This herbal product will improve their hair coats and aid with weight issues. A calming thyroid product will help calm your hyper cat. An overweight cat is an unhealthy cat. To keep your kitty slim, try an herbal product that will aid digestion and help with weight loss. To keep your cat’s urinary system in top condition, a urinary herbal product will keep the overall health of that system in check. Liver disorders can be aided with a liver herbal product. Hairballs can be treated with laxatives and holistic herbs for constipation.

To learn more about pampering herbal products for cats, consult a holistic veterinarian for more information.

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