Caring for Your Pet Birds

Here are ten things you can do to make your bird happy if you have one for a pet:

1. Provide a healthy and varied diet like grains, beans, veggies, pellets, and fruit.

2. Give your bird the largest enclosure possible.

3. Provide daily exercise and ample out-of-cage time, preferably to include free flying in a safe, supervised environment.

4. Offer a variety of toys and enrichment activities.

5. Provide plenty of socialization with other birds and/or human caretakers.

6. Give access to unfiltered sunlight and/or full-spectrum lighting.

7. Offer daily or weekly misting with a clean spray bottle of water to promote feather and skin health and for fun.

8. Develop games and teach your bird skills like foraging or treasure hunts, cleaning up toys by putting them in a basket.

9. Provide a service enclosure, carrier, or harness so your bird can enjoy the outdoors with you.

10. Place multiple perches/stands throughout the house so that your bird can benefit from ambient “flock time” while being included in family activities like watching t.v. or movies, preparing meals, or playing games.

The National Bird Day was established by the Animal Protection Institute to teach people about wild and native birds.

According to, you can discuss who will take care of your pet bird after you’re not around with your vet, pet sitter, or other pet organization and they can help you come up with ideas.

“The longevity of many species of parrots is unique in the pet world,” said animal author Steven Baker. “In the event that you cannot find someone to care for your parrot, for instance you can see if there is a charitable organization that would be willing.”

Caring for parrots can be an expensive proposition, according to Baker. provides comprehensive and affordable pet trusts so that your pet will be taken care of when you die. has over 3,000 bird patrollers around the world to assist people who have found exotic birds who may be lost.

Kathryn, a member of the New York Companion Bird Club of Manhattan, is researching an article about celebrities who have pet birds.

The majority of birds do not have a highly developed sense of smell and contrary to popular belief, music do not “soothe the savage beast” when it comes to birds.

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