How to Make an Animal Movie

Do you like filming? If yes, you should try capturing different things in order to find out how good you are. You can simply go out in nature and record some of the most mesmerising moments, so that you can see them time and again.

Other than that, you can film animals, especially if you love pets. You can go out in a zoo and make a short video or record the behaviour of your own pets. If you don’t have any animals in your house, you can go to a friend’s place and see if he/she has got something, which can help.

Things Required:

– Camera
– Film editing software
– Music
– Animals
– Treats for acting incentive


  • 1

    Check your equipment

    You have to double check your equipment in order to be sure that there is no mistake while filming the animals. Even if you miss a single thing, you will not be able to make a perfect video and will regret that at the end of the day. The ideal thing would be to make a list of what you require and then tick all the things you have in order to confirm.

  • 2

    Write a script

    Instead of filming without doing homework, you should write a script first. This will help you save plenty of time and you will not be confused at all. Even if you don’t need any dialogues for an animal movie, you should write down the entire plan. For example, you wish to capture three interesting facts about your pet. In order to do that, you should divide the movie in three parts and distribute equal amount of time to each part.

  • 3

    Choose the characters of the film

    You should also choose the characters of the film. Even if they are animals, you should mention them in the script. Moreover, you might need to record a few comments of the owners of those animals, so mention them too.

  • 4

    Select genre of the movie

    When making a film, you have to be sure of its genre. Otherwise the audience might not get attracted towards the movie. Even if there are multiple genres of your movies, mention them down in the description.

  • 5

    Start filming

    Once you have done all the things properly, you need to start filming. Take as many shots as possible, so that you can make a good movie. Switch off the camera once you are finished.

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