Save an Animal’s Life for FREE, Anonimously, & for Less Than 2 Minutes of Your Time!

Have you ever walked or driven past a house where you have seen a pet neglected and/or abused on more than one occasion? Unfortunately, many of us have. What goes through your mind when you see this? We “tisk” at such situations, keep walking, and maybe go home and tell our spouse or a friend what a shame it is. This does not help the animal in any way. This “pet” is going to continue to be neglected and/or abused. The fact is, you can DO something about it. You can call your local county animal control office and even remain anonymous! All you need to tell them is the situation and the address of the victim. That’s it!

How do you evaluate if an animal is in trouble? Look for these signs and other signs related:

* You have encountered the animal on more than one occasion without fresh water or adequate shelter

* You have witnessed (or heard) this animal being physically abused

* The animal has obvious health problems, such as severe infestation of fleas, wounds, or skin conditions that are not being tended to

* You have suspicions that the animal(s) are being “fought” or trained to fight in a dog-fighting ring

* An obvious fighting ring on the premises and/or notice obvious gatherings for such events

* You see the same animal roaming the neighborhood un-leashed and/or unsupervised

* A numerous amount of “pets” living at the residenceâÂ?¦.possibly and most likely evidence of a “puppy mill” situation

If you have witnessed ANY of these situations or are even suspicious of such, report it! Don’t be afraid of “causing a problem” for the owners! They will never know if they were discovered randomly by animal services or if and who called in to report it. Do the right thing. Be the voice for animals! Be the voice that they do not have. And, if you’re concerned but not sure, call it in anyway! Better safe than sorry! Think about how you would feel if you ignored the problem, with good intentions, in hopes the problem was only temporary or would correct itself, only to witness the dead dog being buried in the yard or thrown into the trunk of a car to be disposed of. It sounds quite graphic and harsh, but, unfortunately, it’s reality. It happens every day.
Our pets give us so much. They would protect their fellow animal species just as we humans protect and look out for each other if they could. We can speak. We can communicate. We can pick up a phone. If you knew your neighbors’ child was being abused or neglected, how long would you tolerate it? Could you lie in bed listening to a child (or even an adult) screaming in pain or crying from abuse night after night? If every time your child came home from a certain friends’ house and told you of the ghastly conditions and circumstances going on there, would you “tisk” it away and tell them to go get washed up for dinner? Would you look into the situation? Would you allow your child to return to that particular friends’ home?

Obviously,, an abused human adult could most likely find a way to seek help or get out of an abusive situation, but he or she has a voice, most likely friends to help, and means of transportation to do so. Imagine being a dog chained to a tree with 7 day old, filthy, stagnant water (if any water at all) and no food or old, stale, poor quality food that is covered in mold and insects. Imagine having fleas crawling all over every inch of your body 24 hours, 7 days a week. Visualize scratching and chewing at yourself while losing blood every day as the thousands of fleas and ticks feed upon your physical livelihood.

Most of all, consider living a so-called life day after day, night after night, lonely, ignored, abused, confused, hungry, thirsty, freezing cold or blistering hot, wet in the rain, and even suffering in pain. Then, eventually, finally, dying alone. Think about that dog you have seen in such conditions as you walked by “tisking” and feeling so bad about how people could treat these innocent souls so horribly. So, what stopped you from doing something about it? Or, was your family’s dinner menu that night much more important to spend time pondering? It would have taken less than 2 minutes of your time to memorize or write down the criminals’ address and call your county animal control, humane society, PETA, SPCA’s facility, or heck, even 911 to report it ANONIMOUSLY!

These animals love and protect us unconditionally whether they’re our own pets or owned by such inhumane, uncaring, nasty humans. These animals are police officers. They are military soldiers. They are sniff out bombs, expose drugs, detect mines, and even identify cancer in human patients.

So, what are you waiting for? BE THE VOICE FOR ANIMALS. They’re counting on you because they don’t have a voice.
But, they have us.
And, we owe them at least that much.

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