How to Ride a Horse for the First Time

Horse is one of the most beautiful and graceful animals on the planet beyond any shadow of the doubt. This loyal and magnificent creature has been used for warfare and as a means of transport since ancient times.

Horse riding has become increasingly popular recreational activity among city dwellers. This is not surprising because it is difficult to find a more rewarding pastime. Horse riding is a great way to completely remove stress, tiredness and gradually improve physical fitness.

Though horse riding gives you great pleasure, many people are afraid to ride because they do not know how to deal with this large and powerful animal. You should not forget that this strong animal may harm you, even if you make one careless movement.


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    First we need to study the general rules and principles of horsemanship. Always remember that the horse move forward when you kick it on the sides and stops when you pull the reins. You need to practice a lot in order to know how to tap the animal with your feet because the shank is not only used to accelerate the horse but can also for stopping and turning the horse.

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    As a beginner, you should try to learn how to grip the reins firmly. You can also stop the animal after pulling its hair on the neck area. However, this method is not recommended by professionals because it may provoke the animal.

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    To stop the horse, you need to gradually tighten the reins, while leaning back. You need to do the same thing before turning i.e. to pull the reins in the desired direction at the appropriate time and lean on the side you want to make a turn.

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    In addition to the knowledge of various commands, you must know how to shift your weight at the right time to find the right balance, while keeping a good posture on top of the animal. Balance is needed in order to avoid falling and the correct posture will save your back. Therefore, you should sit up straight on the horse.

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    Communication with the horse is also very important if you want to ride it for the first time. Sometimes a pat on the neck can help making up chemistry between you and the animal.

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