Got a Pet That’s a Finicky Eater? Here Are Some Solutions

My dog is a finicky eater (like her owner) I bought a number of different types of dry and canned foods for her to figure out which one she likes and would eat on a regularly basis. As far as dog food what I think she would like she, she didn’t like. Of course, she loves people food but finding out what type of dog food she likes was another story. If your pet is a finicky eater there are a number of solutions you can try. First, don’t beg, plead, or wait and watch for your pet to eat what you put out for them. Put the food down and leave. They will eventually eat when they become hungry enough. Another thing to remember is to keep your pet on one type of food this goes along with getting your pet familiar with a particular habit.

Put your pet on a time schedule. Feed them at a certain time and take away the food within an hour or so if they have not eaten. Later on bring their food back out but leave it out for an hour at a time. They will eventually learn to eat if the food comes and goes. Another solution, which is probably the most helpful, is to cut down on the people food. If you were a pet, which would you prefer a nice steak with sauce or bland dry or canned food? Pets get spoiled quickly especially when fed human food and feeding them people food all the time will increase the likelihood of them becoming a finicky eater. But not only will they become finicky they will become overweight.

If your finicky pet just doesn’t seem like they care for dry dog food try to spice it up with some water, making a stew-like meal. You can also warm up canned food, which helps spice up their canned food. Another solution in helping your finicky pet eat their food is to add a little extra sauce or seasoning to their food, dry or canned. One last solution is to add some smell to your finicky pet’s food. Dry dog food doesn’t have much of a smell. The smellier it is the better your pet will enjoy it, cats prefer fish smelling foods and dogs prefer liver, beef, and chicken smells.

If your dog suddenly starts to avoid their meals, don’t worry too much about it most dogs may go a couple of days without eating. Pets usually know when they need to take a break from food, perhaps their system needs a cleaning, they don’t have much of an appetite that day, or they have come across something in the garbage or yard that is more tasty. However if your cat goes a day or so without eating, take them to the vet. Liver problems are more common in cats than dogs. Also, check your dog’s stools for any unusual coloring, diarrhea or worms that would keep them from regular eating habits.

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