Treatment for Your Cat or Dog’s Asthma

Perhaps the pollution or other environmental factors have become so bad and numerous that even our pets are suffering from breathing problems. Although asthma is not as common in dogs, there use to be a time when fido could run all over the place without needing to grasp for breath but that is no longer the case. Pets, in particularly cats, are developing symptoms of asthma. Most cats that have asthma suffer from wheezing and coughing and require medication. However, there are a number of things you can do to help ease your pet’s asthma.

Many of the treatments to help ease asthma in humans can be used for pets as well. Make sure your cat stays slim. Excess weight makes asthma worse and can cause breathing to become much more difficult and labored. Like humans with asthma, cats breathing dry causes their airways to become irritated making the asthma worse and causing asthma attacks. Use a humidifier or vaporizer in the home increasing humidity levels to 30 or 40 percent. Second-hand smoke is not only bad for humans but for cats with asthma as well So, it will not only be in your best interest to stop smoking but also your cat’s best interest. If hay fever is causing your pet’s asthma bring him indoors when the pollen, mold and dander are at high levels. Check your cats litter box. Certain litter can cause an asthmatic reaction so use a dust free litter. Avoid spraying or using cleaners, hair spray, perfume or other solutions around your pet that could pollute the air and cause asthma attacks.

Other ways to help ease your pet’s asthma is to make sure you dust and clean the house check for dust mites and new material and detergents that may cause asthma attacks. Also, use filters if your home has a central cooling and heating system. Of course, if you suspect your cat or dog has asthma go visit your vet right away. Sometimes it is not asthma but heartworms that is causing the breathing problems. Medication is often given to help ease your pet’s asthma giving your pet the medication is the trick. Animals can smell the medicine in the pill and will avoid it. What you can do is tilt your pet’s head back, you may have to open their mouth with your fingers, drop the pill and push it back with your finger. At first if you fail, keep trying until your pet obliges.

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