Ten Ways You Can Tell If Your Dog Has Kidney Disease

You may not realize it but animals can get the same diseases as humans. The majority of the time when your dog is sick you may think that it is just the food that he ate or possibly a tick bite. But very rarely does anyone every really think that it is due to a more serious problem. One in particular that affects many different breeds is kidney disease. This disease can occur at any time and does not restrict itself to one particular type of disease. The sad part is that most of the time it is not a reversible problem. But what are the signs that you should look for in your dog that may indicate they have some type of kidney problem?

1. You may begin to notice that your dog is not using the bathroom as frequently as they should. This may be due to the fact that they are dehydrated.

2. They will be in obvious pain. When animals are in pain they usually lie around and do not do much. They will also whine or simper since they are in so much pain.

3. May begin to have accidents in the house. They may begin to experience problems with being able to hold their urine. If this is the case then they will begin to have accidents around the house.

4. Obvious weight loss. They will not eat like they used to, so you will obviously begin to see a substantial amount of weight loss over a relatively short period of time.

5. Possible vomiting on a daily basis. Your dog may get to the point where they are no longer able to keep any type of food down. Every time they eat you will see that they vomit shortly after.

6. They may be constipated or have diarrhea. It is possible for them to have one or the other. If you notice that this occurs for more than one or two days then it may definitely be a more serious problem.

7. Foul smelling breath. You will also notice that their breath will smell a lot worse than normal. Some people have compared it to the smell of ammonia.

8. Painful to even touch. If you begin to notice that every time you touch your dog they are in pain then it may definitely be a serious condition.

9. Can’t seem to get enough water. Even if your dog is drinking water, they should not be constantly thirsty. If your dog seems unable to quench his thirst this can also be a sign of a kidney problem

10. Refuses to walk at their regular times. Most dogs become excited when it is time for them to go for their daily walk. If however you notice that it is very difficult to get your dog up and out for his walk, he may be sick.

If your dog has a combination of any of the symptoms that are listed above then you should immediately take them to the veterinarian for a complete examination. They will obviously want to run some tests to determine if it is a kidney problem. If they discover that it is they will want to treat your dog right away. I also want to point out that the testing process and the treatment process will be a rather expensive one, so be prepared. Most veterinarians prefer the payments to be made in advance of testing and treatment. Depending on your dog’s age they may give you the option of putting the dog to sleep, especially if they appear to be in a lot of pain. Although this may be a very difficult thing to do, you should really think about your dog’s comfort level. The last thing that any dog owner wants is for their dog to suffer, so weigh your options carefully.

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