Control Your Pet’s Food Allergies

It would seem odd for pets to be allergic to food, an animal allergic to food? Next to human beings, food would seem to be a pet’s best friend. However, there are pets that suffer from food allergies. Eating foods they are allergic to can cause a pet to become violently sick resulting in them vomiting and having diarrhea. There are a number of things you can do to control your pet’s food allergies and make eating a happy meal again.

Many pets will not eat certain foods anyway but some pets don’t know when to turn food down, they’ll gobble up anything. First, control your urge to feed your pet a lot of human food or certain types of human food certain foods can cause your pet to become sick, your pet just can’t digest them. You should never give chocolate to a pet and don’t feed them candy, potato chips, or other types of junk food. Foods like certain types of cheese, eggs, and for dogs, canned tuna, will make pets sick. Of course, cats can eat canned tuna.

Also, don’t give your pet dairy products. Like some people, pets are unable to digest lactose filled foods because they lack the enzyme to digest the food. However, some pets seem to be able to digest ice cream just fine, including mine. I take her to dairy queen, they offer little doggy treats, which is a small cup of vanilla ice cream, and she gulps it down in no time. There are also vanilla ice cream cups available in stores just for pets, so although some pets are unable to digest dairy, others have no problem. You can always try giving your pet ice cream once to see how they react.

Another way to control your pet’s food allergies and to find out what is causing the allergic reaction, or if there really is an allergic reaction or if your pet just ate too much, is to change her food. After a couple of months, slowly start giving your pet their old food to see if she has an allergic reaction, if she does, then you know to change your pet’s diet. When you change your pet’s diet, give them something totally different than what they had before. Don’t just change the brand, change the type of food altogether. If you’ve been feeding your pet food with meat ingredients, try a pet food with soy ingredients. Then slowly reintroduce the old food to see if your pet has an allergic reaction. If they are allergic to soy products, then you know what the culprit is.

While changing your pet’s diet, make sure you stop giving them special treats like rawhide or flavored bones until you know exactly what is causing the food allergy. In order to control your pet’s food allergies you can give them some baby food or you can visit your vet to see what type of special diet they recommend or can offer for your pet.

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