How to Make a Fish Trap for Catfish

Nearly all species of catfish are fresh water or river fish, so do not plan on going out in the ocean looking for one.

Catfish happen to be scale less and can vary in size from being the length of one’s finger to going on to become many feet in length. They were given the name ‘catfish’ due to their whisker like extensions around their mouth which they use to navigate in the murky, swampy and muddy waters of their habitat. If you are looking to make a fish trap for catfish there are a few simple methods you can use.


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    The first step is to prepare the bait. Catfish will begin to congregate around the food which sinks to the bottom. This is the best way to gather all of the catfish in one area. Try to get a good quality bait which is available at major fishing supply stores for a reasonable price. If you cannot find any then you can go online and order some from a reputable fishing supply website. You can easily purchase some bait using your credit card and have it delivered directly to your home.

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    Make a box shaped trap made out of wire mesh type materials. This material is easily available at any decent hardware store for relatively low cost. Be sure to put together your trap ahead of time and make sure that there are no large gaps for the fish to escape. Also, try to test your box shaped trap before putting it in the water. Make your catfish trap according to size of the catfish in the area that you are looking.

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    Place some bait inside the trap and dunk it in the water. Let it go to the bottom and of course do make sure that you have some string attached so that you can pull it up to check if you have caught anything. However, make sure that noise is created from the splashes of the trap to attract more catfish as they will think an insect has fallen in the water.

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    Once the catfish takes the bait quickly pull the trap upwards as this will ensure that it will get stuck inside the contraption as you bring it to the surface. Remember to be patient as it might take some time for the catfish to enter your homemade trap and take the bait.

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