Keep Your Pet’s Diabetes Under Control

Like people, pets produce insulin. However, sometimes the hormone doesn’t produce enough insulin and your pet doesn’t get all the energy they need to run around, play, and bark. Diabetes in dogs can cause problems with their pancreas not to mention causing them to become weak and tired. However, there are things you can do to help keep your pet’s diabetes under control.

Just like in people, proper diet and nutrition is essential to help keep your pet’s diabetes under control. If your pet is overweight, that makes the diabetes worse. Refrain from giving your pet leftovers and extra treats. You’ll be surprised how leftovers can increase your pet’s weight. I had to cut back on giving my dog leftovers, although she doesn’t have diabetes, she was getting plump for her size.

Make sure you are giving your pet enough high-fiber foods in their diet. High-fiber foods help keep blood sugar levels and carbohydrates balanced. You can purchase a high-fiber pet food or make your own high-fiber food for your pet. Another way to keep your pet’s diabetes under control is to feed them small meals throughout the day instead of one large meal at one time. Eating smaller meals will help sugar enter the bloodstream more efficiently and steady. Make sure you keep your pet’s mealtimes on a daily routine. Don’t change times and amounts.

Exercise is always an important part of keeping diabetes under control, not only for people but pets too. Exercise helps keep weight under control. Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise everyday. At least 20 minutes of some sort of exercising, walking, playing, etc. will help. Again, make sure you keep the exercise routine on a daily basis. Don’t start doing it for one month and then stop the next month. Make sure you are giving your pet their medications on a regular basis. Follow the directions your vet gives you.

Make sure you always have a sweet treat around just in case their blood sugar levels gets too low. If your pet starts to suffer from low blood sugar by shaking or trembling, rub some syrup or honey on your hand and give it to your pet by rubbing it on their gums. In pets diabetes can be hard to spot, but the symptoms are similar to those of people. Eating a lot, urinating often, and drinking a lot are definite signs that you need to be aware of. You pet may also have a sweet smelling breath. If you notice any of these symptoms, take your pet to the vet immediately. Early prevention is definitely an important way to help keep your pet’s diabetes under control.

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