How to Photograph Zoo Animals

Whenever you visit a zoo, you should utilize your time and capture the zoo animals in your camera. This is because you won’t be seeing these animals at your local park. In case you cannot visit a safari, there is no need to get upset as you can capture the wild animals’ pictures safely at your local zoo.

Things Required:

– Camera Monopods
– Camera Tripod
– Cameras
– Camera Bags
– Film
– Camera Polariser filters
– Camera lenses
– Camera batteries
– Camera Lens Caps
– Camera filters
– Camera flashes
– Camera straps


  • 1

    Visit early in the morning

    The best time to take zoo animals’ snaps is early morning. This is because at this time you will find fewer crowds which will help you take animals’ pictures easily. Besides this, zoo animals will be most active at this time.

  • 2

    Activities schedule

    You need to check out your local zoo’s activities schedule. This is because some of the best pictures can be taken while animal is eating or performing. Don’t forget to check out see feeding and performing time. However, you should not sit in the front row or your camera might get wet. Furthermore, monkey’s feeding time will also let you capture great snaps.

  • 3

    Prepare the camera bag

    You need to make sure you are equipped with all cameras’ accessories. Check out for extra batteries, filters, long and short lenses, film, extra memory cards and a tripod or monopod if it is permitted.

  • 4

    Placement of the tripod

    When using a tripod, you need to place it on the side. Avoid placing it in the middle as it will disturb others. Remember that other people are also there to see animals. It is advisable for you to take less space.

  • 5

    Use lens

    You need to use lens when you are taking pictures of animals behind glass. By this you will minimize the glare. For close-up shots, you can use a longer lens. In case you want to capture the whole scene, you should use a wide-angle lens.

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