How to Use Power Bait for Trout Fishing

If you are keen on bank fishing on a lake, then you must develop the habit of trout fishing with PowerBait. Once you have made the necessary changes to your fishing rod and baited the hook, you can cast it into the lake and wait for the ‘bite’. However, you might not have to wait that long as trout are quite inquisitive creatures and love to go near stuff that’s alien to their environment. This curiosity is their downfall but then again, all things have a purpose. By doing a few basic things, you can easily power bait a trout.


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    The first thing that you need to keep in view is that there is a variety of trout these days. Trout are of two kinds: the native ones and the ones that are born and bred in a hatchery. Now the trout in rivers and streams are not that interested in PowerBait but their stocked cousins are.

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    However, that does not mean that a strong PowerBait will not attract them. Keep in mind that the PowerBait you attach to the hool, must float as it is the key to success. If rigged properly, this will float above any underwater mess.

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    Another thing that will increase the effectiveness of your PowerBait is the line. The line has to be light. If your fishing line is too heavy, the trout will see it even underwater and will not be attracted to it. So, in order to use PowerBait for trout, use a light fishing line.

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    In order to make a good PowerBait rig is by slipping the end of your line on an egg singer. Once this is done, you can hook the line with size 8 or 10 gang hooks. These hooks will allow you to double the amount of the bait.

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    Now, add as much PowerBait as you can on each hook so that the hook is completely covered by the bait.

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    Cast this rig out and let it sink. As soon as it reaches just above the bottom, reel the slack until the line is taught completely.

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    It is better to rest your fishing rod on something solid as it might take time to get a few bites.

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    Another great way to catch a lot of trout is by checking the weather and see if it’s in your favour. This will be a big difference on the amount of bites you will get.

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