How to Ride a Bull

Bull riding is a dangerous act and can end up taking a life of a rider but if you are not risk averse and love adventures, you will be ecstatic to pull out a stunt of controlling a mad bull who will do all sorts of dancing moves to loosen your control on him. The adrenaline rush in your soul to ride a bull can be killed only by doing that in real but you must learn few pointers before putting your thoughts into action. Everyone has to mitigate the risk if it can be with some precautionary measures but you are entering a death hole so you wouldn’t care about that. However, you should learn to control the bull in order to come out clean from a lethal adventure of bull riding.


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    Place a rope across the face of the bull and get it through its nose. Hold if firmly with your stronger hand. You can’t afford to make a mistake of loosening the grip because the bull won’t make a mistake in stomping over you and registering yet another victim to its stupendous list.

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    Sit on the bull and keep your toes away from the bull’s back because once you touch it, it will go mad and dashing away so don’t touch the back of the bull with your chute’s unless you are ready.

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    Keep your pinkie close the bull’s back bone. Keep your grip tight with your hand. You can’t afford to lose the grip because once gone, you won’t be getting it back. Wrap the rope around your arm so that you can fasten the grip and control the better. Concentrate on the job, don’t be distracted by anything.

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    Don’t exert force on the bull with your buttocks. Keep it easy; bend a bit forward so that you can balance yourself better and keep the control during the ride. Your weight needs to rest inside your thighs. You should be leaning forward enough that will ensure your chest is just above the shoulder of the bull.

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    Refresh your thought. Take a deep breath and be ready for the adventure of your life.

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    You need to give a signal to the gatekeeper to open the gate. You will most probably nod the head to accomplish that move but you can also say it loud.

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    Squeeze your legs to keep the control during the ride.

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