How to Catch a Bat Indoors

Most people are scared of bats, and if a bat happens to get trapped inside your home, you might have family members jumping around or locking themselves in their rooms. Fortunately, it is easy to catch a bat inside your home using simple guidelines and proper equipment. Once you have caught it however, try not to harm it and release it outdoors as soon as possible.

Things Required:

– Thick wool or leather gloves
– Broom
– Flat piece of cardboard
– Plastic bucket
– Towel or blanket


  • 1

    Give it a chance to escape

    First you need to isolate the bat in an area of your house or in one room. If the bad is in the lounge or sitting area, it is recommended that you ask everyone to step outside so that there is no interference. After this you can open up all windows and doors which lead outside. The bat will mostly likely smell fresh air and find his way out. As a precautionary measure, wear thick gloves and stay away from the bat.

  • 2

    Trap the bat if it doesn't escape

    In case the bat fails to find its way out of your house, you will need to trap it. If the bat is on the ceiling, you will need to use a broom to guide it to where you want it to go. Your aim is to bring it lower or trap it in a corner where you can easily catch it.

  • 3

    Use a bucket to trap the bat

    In case the bat is on a wall, you can use a bucket to trap it. Simply place the bucket on the bat and hold it firmly against the wall. Now you need to insert a flat piece of cardboard between the bucket and the wall so that the bat does not fly out once you move the bucket. Once you have moved the bucket, hold the piece of cardboard on the top firmly and take the bucket outside before removing it.

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    Use towel or blanket

    In case the bat has landed on the floor, you can catch it with help of a blanket or a towel. Simply throw the blanket or towel on the bat and then pick it up gently before taking it outside.

  • 5

    Close the doors and windows after taking the bat outside

    After you take the bat outside, you need to ask a family member to close the windows and doors before you actually release the bat. This will ensure the bat does not fly back inside.

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