How to Attract Chickadees

A number of people will admit that chickadees are their most favourite feeder birds. They are easy to attract and can possibly be hand tamed as well. They are versatile acrobats who can either hang upside down or perch to glean seeds from the feeder. Chickadees are also considered to be as cheerful as a Christmas card. A popular breed of chickadees is the black capped chickadee, which is found in New England in the season of winter and late fall. They arrive for a feast of sunflower seeds only in time to set their homes for winter. There are several ways to attract them to your bird feeder.

Things Required:

– Shelled peanuts
– Nesting box
– Suet
– Black oil sunflower seeds


  • 1

    Plant trees and plants

    First of all, plant trees and bushes in order to attract the creatures. Based on the species present in your area, these can consist of pine, birch and hemlock trees, along with berry bearing plants. The greenery in plants attracts chickadees effectively. In addition, purchase a bird feeder from your local department or hardware store; these are physically versatile, and you can make use of tube, satellite, hopper, domed or platform feeders with plenty of success. Make sure you know that the varieties vary from small feeders made of plastic that are quite cheap, to metal feeders that are worth hundreds of dollars. Completely fill the feeders with black oil sunflower seeds or shelled peanuts.

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    Use of suet

    Place suet in a feeder or hang pieces of suet in a mesh bag from a tree branch. It is important to provide suet in winter, because it is a high energy food that will assist the birds in maintaining their ideal body temperature. In addition, you can also combine a mixture of bird seed and peanut butter and place it on a tree limb. You can even make cakes to place in a mesh bag to attract chickadees. After that, put up a chickadee nesting home in the spring season. Make sure that it has the correct and suitable dimensions for a chickadee.

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    Go to feeders occasionally

    Visit your feeders sometimes, so the chickadees get used to you. When they see that you provide them with food, they will be easy to tame and more cooperative as a result. It is not abnormal for them to eat out of your palm if you make visits on a regular basis.

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