Fresh Results Cat Litter Out-performs World’s Best and Others

Like many of you, I’ve tried just about every litter out there. None of them seemed to work the way I needed them to…until now. Natural Fresh Results flushable litter by Eight in One is the only litter that has compromised to fill everyone’s needs without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

Before the natural cat litters were widely available on the market, I used regular old clay scoopable litter. Not only was this a messy, dusty, asthma-inducing product, the disposal of said product was just as cumbersome. I would have to dump the cat urine and feces in a bucket or trash sack then haul the heavy lot out for disposal.

Then came the so-called “flushable” litters. Yeah…right. How much in plumber’s bills did you have to pay? I ended up going through the same disposal routine as the other stuff.

All the while, odor control was top priority for my husband. Yet scented litters can put pets off their litter as well as giving me a big headache.

The veterinary clinic where I work began carrying a natural litter called World’s Best. Indeed, at first it did seem to be ‘the best’ of the bunch so far. That is, until one of my cats became diabetic.

World’s Best was superior in clumping and disposal to the clay litters but lacked the odor control we needed in a multi-cat household. When Banichi became diabetic I also found out bacteria LOVED this litter. A diabetic’s urine can have a high concentration of glucose (sugar). This caused the World’s Best litter to grow mold very quickly and it really stunk to boot. The litter boxes are at the back of the house and, walking in the front door, the smell about bowled us over.

In desperation, I asked a co-worker what she used and told her that odor control, clumping power, and biodegradability were the top priorities. Her reply, with no hesitation, was Fresh Results. At that point I was desperate as my husband was threatening to throw all the cats out of the house so I went to the local wall-to-wall mart and purchased Fresh Results that evening.

I loved it immediately! The cats had no problem switching to the new litter either, which can be a concern when changing from one cat litter to another. The scent was a pleasing pine scent and it controlled the odors very well…well enough to please my husband who is the ultimate test of such things in this house. Fresh Results is easy to clean, easy to dispose of, environmentally friendly and it’s light enough to work in our automatic litter box too. Best of all, it doesn’t mold easily!

This household is now a Fresh Results household and my husband doesn’t mind going to the store for litter because he knows it smells great! It’s nice to finally have found a cat litter that fulfills everyone’s needs, human and cat. I always highly recommend it to clients when they complain about their current litter or are new cat owners. You should try it too!

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