Paws for Awhile at the Petwork

The PetWork is a national network of pet resources, pet-related websites, and information about pets.

They also include listings for businesses that sell pet products, including toys, treats, all-natural products, leashes and collars and business that offer services like training, pet portraits, and pet sitting.

Unlike search engines and other online resources, The PetWork is advertising free.

According to a recent article the organization’s founders Tom Nelson and Mary O’Conner said they hope that the site serves as more than just a directory, a way to find a specific resource, product, or service.

“By bringing some of the thousands of dedicated animal organizations and businesses to light, The PetWork hopes to inspire people to donate time or funds to help animals in need, provider a home for a pet, or give an injured or disabled animal a new lease on life,” the founders said.

The PetWork has been online since 1996, according to their website,

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