An Incredible Resource to Help Adopt a Pet

There’s a giant pet store inside your computer and it’s called is an extraordinary resource; one that any person looking for a pet should use. Petfinder allows the prospective pet owner to find exactly the right pet, wherever they might be. You can specify your search by animal, breed, age, size and gender. When you’re parameters are set, will come up with a list of shelters in your area.

Plus, there’s the whole goodwill factor that comes with adopting an animal. You will feel so much better about yourself if you go the adoption route. Purchasing animals is a tad like plastic surgery only with more unnecessary death. Animals are killed everyday because bad pet owners are negligent and prospective good ones don’t adopt. Petfinder gives you the opportunity to make a differenceâÂ?¦the choice is yours. offers pictures of almost all the animals in their vast database; so you can decipher the cuteness factor before you make the big commitment. Most people think that the only pets you can adopt are strays or neglected and abused animals, older dogs who just need some one to feed them as they wait out there final, angst filled years; this is a big misconception. Using, I was able to adopt a beautiful 8-week-old dog that was born at the shelter (his mother was a stray). You can find puppies or any young animal (though baby pets are more likely to come with a higher adoption fee).

Adopting an older pet is a challenge, one that can be far less rewarding than rearing a young animal from infancy. But these older animals need help too and offers a wealth of information for prospective adopters. Petfinder is up front about an animal’s temperament and their livability with potential other pets and children. There are useful icons next to the picture of each dog and cat that indicates potential behavior problems. For example, a cat with a line through it symbolizes that the animal does not get along with cats.

Everything does is in the best interest of the animal as well as the adopter. Please, if you’re thinking about getting a pet, don’t purchase one from a store. You’ll be surprised by what a fantastic resource Petfinder is and you’ll save money. Why spend a fortune buying from a breeder when a product like allows you to make a difference.

Go to if you don’t believe me. Spend five minutes there and I guarantee you’ll want to adopt one of the thousands of beautiful animals looking for a home.

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