How to Care For Aquarium Catfish

The name puts two of our favorite animals together. The catfish is a fish specie which has barbells which give off the impression of whiskers like the cat, hence the name. This fish specie does not have any scales and is a common pet kept in aquariums. This innocent looking fish is as fierce to its enemies as a cat. Since it does not have any paws, it uses stinging protein emissions from its fins to drive away enemies. Catfish are a true delight to keep and can add life to any space. However, to keep your catfish healthy and happy, you have to work a little because every good thing in life comes at some cost.


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    Prepare the aquarium:

    The catfish asks for nearly the same care and arrangement as any other fish specie. They just have innocent preferences. They have a shy nature and look for nooks and corners to reside. When you are setting up the aquarium, make sure that there are enough rocks they can hide behind. Being shy does not mean this fish cannot live in a community. They are perfectly happy with sharing the aquarium space with other species. Do not keep the aquarium in direct sunlight because catfish do not prefer being in the light for long. If you are putting up an aquarium bulb, use very low voltage. Add soft bottom material to the aquarium because the fish tend to forage deep for food.

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    Water and PH:

    Control the water temperature at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit because catfish prefer colder water than most other species. The water PH level should ideally be neutral. Acidic water is harmful to the health of the fish. A PH meter and aquarium chemicals will help you keep the PH in range.

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    Catfish love worms. You can breed your own worms for regular supply or order them from a local pet store. You can also feed them flake food. This specie is very compromising when it comes to food and is happy with any kind. Try to give it food that will settle to the bottom of the tank because catfish are bottom eaters and love to pick their food from the floor. Tunnels and gravel at the bottom of the aquarium make their food search more exciting.

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