Guinea Pigs: A Pet Profile

Guinea pig’s are the perfect pets for many people. As a first pet for children, Guinea pigs are ideal. Also for people who lack the space needed for a dog or cat a Guinea pig is also a good solution for a pet. The Guinea pigs personality is very docile. They rarely nip and there claws are designed for borrowing not fighting.

Guinea pigs are also commonly known as cavies. They are very social and prefer to live with other Guinea pigs. Two females will get along great but two males may fight if they were not raised together from the same litter. It is not a good idea for a un-neutered male and female to live tohether unless you are planning on breeding them but a neutered male and female should get along well. Guinea pigs should only be housed with other guinea pigs, not any other species of animal or especially not any other rodents.�¯�¿�½ If they live alone they will need lots of human interaction. Once a guinea pig gets to know you they will squeak in happiness when you enter the room and run up to their cage door.

Guinea pigs are very vocal animals that have a large vocabulary that they love to use. Understanding a Guinea pigs noises is important for understanding your pet.A squeaking noise that sounds like “Wheek” is a sound of surprise or a call for attention. A Chattering noise is made from a Guinea pigs teeth and is defensive noise. It is a warning for others to stay away. Guinea pig’s also make a purring or rumbling noise when content or happy. A loud”Wheek” noise and a hop is called “Popcorning”. A Guinea pig that is very happy or energetic will do this.

A guinea pig doesn’t take up much room. The ASPCA recommends at least four square feet of roaming space per guinea pig. The bigger the cage that can be afforded the better.Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½ Also thier cage must be kept very clean. A Guinea pig requires minimum care compared to other pets. Also the more that they are let out to run and play the better. They will need to be supervised of course, as they may chew in an electrical wire or get lost.

Guinea pigs need to have their water changed at least once every three to four days and their water bottle should be cleaned every once in a while. A guinea pig must always have water available. Their food dish can be filled with pellets and refilled when they finish it. They will need fresh hay everyday. Guinea pigs also require some fresh fruits and veggies daily.

A Guinea pig is a great pet and will give you two will share years of happiness together.

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