Puppy and Dog Training

This guide will tell you how to train your dog or puppy to do varios commands and tricks. We will start with the basic commands like site and stay then graduate to harder tricks like jump and roll over. But one thing you have to remember is even though I am telling you how to do them the easiest way teaching your dog will require patiants and skill but most of all love for your dog.

Sit- To train a dog sit all you have to do is get something he likes like a toy or a treat and hold it in front of their eyes. When the dog is interested slowly bring it up until it is directly above his head. To keep looking at the toy or treat he will have to sit down to look up. At this point say the command ‘sit’ and give him the treat. Do this about 5 times a day and your dog will get the general idea that sitting when you say sit is a good thing and it will get him a reward.

Stay- Training a dog to stay is quite hard and is done simply by making him sit then holding out a hand as if to block him then walking back with the treat saying ‘stay’ then walking forward again and give him the treat. This will take quite a long time for him to master but don’t worry he’ll get there in the end.

Lie down- Training a dog to lie down you will have to first get him to sit. Then when he is sitting down nicely hold a treat in front of his nose and bring it down to floor level. The dog will then hopefully follow the treat and end up lying on the floor. At this point say ‘down’ or whatever command you want for it and give him the treat. Like sitting practice this with him 5 times a day until he has mastered it. This trick can combined with stay to make a lying stay.

Roll over- This is a very hard trick and should only be attempted when your dog is well trained. For this you get him to lie down then slowly bring the treat around his head in a loop. After a lot of practice he will roll over at this. Then say ‘roll over’, give him the treat and feel very proud of yourself and the dog.

Jump- This one will come over time and it helps if your dog is excited. All you have to do is get your dog to sit then quickly jerk the treat up high and say ‘jump’. If you do this correctly he might jump up and try to grab the treat after a few times of doing this your dog will learn to jump. Note: It helps if you jump up at the same time.

So now you have learnt some tricks there is no stopping you from making up new ones!

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