How to Clean an Old Deer Mount

The traditional old deer mount can be a nice addition to the overall decor of your house. Deer Mount is considered as a symbol of pride and its proper display is a fantastic idea to let others know about your hunting capabilities. You can buy it from an antique shop as well, but it can be a bit expensive. Mounting it at the top of the main entrance door or high on a wall are cools ideas to grab the attention of others, allowing it to be displayed at its best. However, your old deer mount can attract dust particles easily, looking dull. The traditional dusting activities are not enough to do away with the dust particles. There are some other useful activities to clean an old deer mount to keep it attractive and attention-grabbing every time.

Things Required:

– Vacuum Cleaner
– Sponge
– Water
– Mild Dish Soap
– Bucket
– White Vinegar
– Clean Cloth
– Cotton Swabs
– Glass Cleaner


  • 1

    Vacuum the Old Deer Mount

    Run the vacuum cleaners brush attachment over the fur of the deer hair. Make sure to run it in the downward direction (in which the deer’s hair grow) in order to clean it without disturbing its original look.

  • 2

    Make a Soapy Solution

    Pour some slightly warm water into a medium bucket and add few drop of mild dish soap liquid into it.  Use your hand to stir the water until it forms a foamy (soapy) solution.

  • 3

    Wipe the Deer Mount

    Dip a large sponge into the sudsy solution and leave it for two minutes until it thoroughly absorbs the mixture. Take out the sponge from bucket and squeeze it with a hand so it is damp, but not too wet. Now use it to wipe the deer’s hair, following the growing direction. Dip and rinse the sponge frequently as you work and until remove the dust particles thoroughly.

  • 4

    Clean the Horns

    Wipe over the horns of the deer mount, using a wash cloth and exerting medium pressure.

  • 5

    Wipe the Deer Mount with Vinegar Solution

    Once you have wiped down the fur and horns of the deer mount, deodorize it in order to do away with possible unwanted odors that developed as a result of the soapy solution and dust particles. Dip a clean wash cloth into vinegar and use it to wipe down the deer’s fur in the hair’s growing direction. Leave it aside for some time until the fur dries completely and the vinegar’s smell dissipates, taking the irritating odors with it.

  • 6

    Clean the Eyes

    Dip two cotton balls into some glass cleaner and use them clean the eyes of the deer mount.

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