How to Build a Ferret Cage

Pets are just like a member of your family and require special care like others do. Every pet has some basic requirements but you can always go a step forward to provide them with a perfect habitat within your home. Ferrets are such adorable creatures and can be a great part of your life. Keeping ferrets as pets can bring you real fun and entertainment. However, you must be aware what ferrets particularly need and what keeps them happy. Making a habitat for ferrets isn’t a laborious task and you just need to know the requirements of your pets.

Things Required:

– Strong glass cage
– Large ferret tank
– An attachable floor
– Ferret bedding
– Sleeping hammock


  • 1

    Purchase all the items you need to build the habitat for your playful pets. You can go to a pet store to find all the things required for your task.

  • 2

    Determine the size of the cage you want to make. You might have to keep more than one ferret in your cage and it will require some extra space within.

  • 3

    You will need a big tank according to the size of the cage you desire to make. There are also tanks especially made for ferrets and are easily available in the market.

  • 4

    Since ferrets have very small feet, your ferret cage needs to have glass walls. If you want to make a cage with walls made of wire, you have to make sure that there is not enough space between the wires for your ferret to slip its feet through and get stuck.

  • 5

    You should make a solid, non-porous floor for the cage. Again you don’t want your ferret to get its feet trapped in a porous floor and get injured. Solid and flat floor will also make cleaning easier for you.

  • 6

    The roof of the cage should be made of mesh or any other such material so that air can easily circulate through the cage. Affix the roof so that ferrets cannot get it open by themselves.

  • 7

    Ferrets are playful pets and like to have ramps, levels to climb and other playing toys within their cage. You should make some levels in the cage, using wood or plastic.

  • 8

    Buy a sleeping hammock from any pet store to provide your ferret a place to sleep properly.

  • 9

    Keep adding fresh bedding to the bottom of your ferret cage regularly. Don’t forget to place containers having food and fresh water every day.

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