How to Solve Your Pest Control Problem

A gardener’s main job is to protect your own garden from pests as insects and rodents. Without proper care and control, the entire crop is under threat of destruction. Do not let pests infest your territory.

Horticultural crop pests cause great harm, it negatively affects the growth of plants, and therefore the yield is significantly reduced. You need to take measures quickly to avoid damaging the crop.

If you do not take protective measures to stop pests, hundreds of insects may ruin mature plants in less than a month.


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    Pests need moisture to grow. So you better prepare traps which include placing cabbage leaves or mug between ridges soaked in beer or fruit juice. Happy pests hide in your trap. Collect them and destroy in a strong saline or use soap and water.

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    Other means of protection from pests is superphosphate, which is necessary to fill the three stripes around the plant, at a distance of about six inches from the stems. This drug perfectly absorbs moisture and mucus from the body of the plant, thereby blocking their movement.

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    Bark beetles are a disaster for reforestation. These pests may also cause serious damage to the old wooden buildings. Destroying beetle is not easy, but there are some ways to help deal with this. Carefully inspect all of the trees on the site in time to see the first signs of penetration of bark beetles in the barrel.

    On the bark of a sick tree you can see the characteristic signs and round holes, as well as clusters of chips. Clear the area of ​​trees that are heavily affected by bark beetles - the majority of infected plants will not be saved even using the most modern facilities. According to biologists, the overwhelming number of bark beetles affect old and already unhealthy trees. To completely remove all possible dry, infected and poorly rooted plants.

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