Make a Cat or Dog Treat Jar

All cats and dogs love treats, and it doesn’t take cats and dogs long to recognize treat packages. More often than not, treats for dogs and cats become stale before they’re gone, even treats in zip top packages. You wouldn’t want to snack on stale treats, so why expect dogs and cats to eat them? Keep treats for dogs and cats as fresh as the day they were purchased by storing them in a jar with a lid. A jar will keep out moisture and air, and a jar for storing treats can be decorated for display.

The following simple instructions explain how to make a decorative jar that holds treats for cats or dogs. This jar made especially for treats is easy to make, it will keep treats fresh, and this jar makes a very cute display. Consider making this decorative treat jar for your special cat or dog. Your cat or dog will learn to recognize the jar that holds their tasty treats, and the treats will stay fresh until they’re completely gone.

Necessary Supplies

A large clear glass jar
Contact paper in a color of your choice
Air-dry clay
Acrylic paint of various colors
Epoxy glue


Choose a large jar for your pet treat container such as a pickle jar. Wash and dry the jar and the lid. Choose contact paper to match your kitchen or area where you will be displaying the jar. There are dozens of colors and patterns to choose from. Turn the jar lid upside down, and trace the lid with a pencil. Cut out the circle, and position it on the top of the lid.

The next step is to create the figure of a dog or cat for the top of the jar. Simply make a large ball for the body of the animal, a smaller ball for the head, and roll a couple of pieces of air-dry clay for the arms. Roll shorter pieces of air-dry clay for the back legs, and create paws by rolling additional clay into balls and shaping them accordingly. Make ears, eyes, a nose, a tail, cheeks or a muzzle, and finish the cat or dog by adding details and texture. Let the clay dry according to package directions.

After the clay cat or dog is completely dry, paint the figure using acrylic paint. Create stripes, whiskers, highlights in the eyes, and a cute expression. Use your imagination to make an original cat or dog figure, or paint the figure to look like your special dog or cat. Allow the paint to dry undisturbed, and after the paint is completely dry, glue the finished cat or dog to the center of the lid.

Additional Ideas

A treat jar would be an excellent gift to make for anyone with a cat or dog. Consider making this treat jar and filling it with store-bought treats for cats or dogs, or try making homemade cat or dog treats. Paint the jar topper to look like the recipient’s cat or dog. Anyone who loves their pet and provides them with tasty treats is sure to appreciate this cute and thoughtful homemade gift.

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