How to Travel With Your Pet

There are several travel modes which allow you to take your pet along. Either you can carry them openly, with a leash or in a cage, depending upon the rules of the agency you are traveling with. Simply read the rule book in order to understand how you will be allowed to carry your pet and then start making arrangements. Make sure the arrangements you make are safe and comfortable so your pet has no trouble traveling with you.


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    Choose between car, bus, train and plane. All these four options come with their own pros and cons. A car is cheap and comfortable if you are not traveling far. Bus might not be as comfortable as a train or a plane, but it will be far cheaper. A train will be more expensive as compared to a bus, but it will be more comfortable for not only you but also for the pet you are carrying. Traveling by a plane is not only most expensive but also extremely comfortable.

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    Always check the regulations which apply to the transportation of your pet. For instance, rules for taking a parrot might be different as compared to those for taking a dog. Therefore, always check what the regulations are.

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    You should keep a crate for your pet. In case of birds, these crates are known as cages. Whatever the case may be, you should make sure that your pet can stand inside the crate. They will not be comfortable if they can’t stand inside their temporary home.

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    Make sure that you label the crate with a tag which says “Live Animal.” This is absolutely necessary if you have chosen a plane as your traveling or transportation option.

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    In case you are traveling in a car, then the pet should be on a separate seat. The animal should be able to see the things around the car. They love to see what is outside and in case your car has tinted windows, open them up.

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    A few transportation businesses would require a health certificate for your pet. In case they need it, do get it beforehand or you might miss your bus/train/plane.

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    Keep a check on all sorts of vaccinations. You should be able to vaccinate your pet before you travel. Contact the country’s consulate in case you are traveling abroad. They will guide you with all the paperwork and quarantines.

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