How to Fish a Jig and Pig

Fishermen use numerous different bait types for catching bass. One of the most commonly used types of bait is a jig and pig, which proves very effective at catching bass during winter and autumn months. Jig refers to the bait’s head and hook, whereas pig refers to the trailer made of pork rinds or plastic. Since bass fish love to feast on craw fish, the jig and pig closely resembles a craw fish.

Things Required:

– Jig and Pig
– Fishing rod


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    The fishing rod you use for fishing while using a jig and pig should be stiff and at least 6 feet in length. A jig and pig is usually used for catching large bass that are bound to break a lighter line, so make sure that the fishing line you use is about 17 to 20 pounds.

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    Make sure that the jig you choose is heavy enough to slowly sink all the way to the bottom of the water body in which you are fishing. This will allow time for the bass to notice the bait and strike before the bait sinks completely. Using too heavy a bait would probably prove useless because it would sink very quickly and might go unnoticed altogether.

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    Choose a pig that will complement the jig’s size. For a 1/8 ounce jig, it would be best to use a 101 pig. If you are using a 1/2-ounce jig, consider using #1 or #10.

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    It would be best to use pig parts that will attract the attention of a bass, such as a pork rind frog. Just make sure that you use the bait immediately because it dries fairly quickly.

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    Cast the bait and allow it some time to hit the bottom of the lake or river bed in which you are fishing. Let the jig and pig rest on the bed for a short while and then shake the tip of your fishing rod from side to side to make the bait look as if a craw fish is moving in the water. Continue until a bass is lured to the bait.

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