Top 10 Amazing Facts About Lions

Lions, known as the rulers of the jungle, are among the largest, most dangerous and fiercest animals in the world. These wild cats are the members of “family Felidae” and are known for their hunting capabilities. With a yellowish-brown coat and a tufted tail, lions are found in the most of the continents on the planet. However, the majority of them are sheltered in southern and eastern parts of Africa. They rule the jungle and are known as the large “carnivorous catlike mammals”. Despite the fact that lions are universally recognized, majority of the people don’t know a lot about them.


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    There are various terms for different stages and types of lions. The baby lions are known as whelps, lionets or cubs. Moreover, She-lion and lioness are the names given to female lions.

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    You might not know but lions are the second largest big-cat species in the world, just behind tigers.

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    Lions are not the fastest of runners and the maximum speed of a lion is about 80 kilometers (49.70 miles) per hour.

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    Lions are the national animals of eight countries. These include England, Albania, Singapore, Belgium, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Ethiopia and the Netherlands.

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    You can hear a lion’s roar from as far as 5 miles (8.05 kilometers) away. However, they cannot growl before the age of two. Roaring is their main way of communication with their species.

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    Life Span

    The life span of lions varies, depending on the environment they live in.

    Under general conditions: around 12 years
    Wild Zone: 15 years
    In the Zoo: 10 years

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    Resting period

    Lions prefer relaxing and lazing around during the day. They rest and sleep for around 16 to 20 hours per day. 80 to 90 percent of hunting is done by the she-lions (females), whereas the males prefer to rest in shady areas. Lions prefer to hunt during the night.

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    Meat Requirement

    An adult and healthy lion needs 10 to 15 pounds (4.54 to 6.8 kg) of meat per day. When lions hunt an animal, they eat nearly each part of it – meat, skin, intestines and eyeballs etc.

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    Species of Lion

    There are eighteen subspecies of lions that you should know about. These are Asiatic lions, American lions, African lions, Mountain Lions, Cave lions, Hybrid lions, Tiglon lions, White lions, North East Congo lions, Katanga lions, Congo lions, South African lions, Masai lions or Serengeti lions, Cape lions, Abyssinian lions, Barbary lions, Somali lions and Kalahari lions.

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    Lionesses' role

    Lionesses carry far more responsibilities as compared to male lions. They are much healthier and better hunters than the males. Moreover, they are caring mothers and very protective of their young.

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