Animal Rescue Groups in South Carolina

These organizations are private, tax exempt organizations. Any adoption fees or donations are tax deductible. If you need to get rid of a pet, do not just let it go. Bring it to a shelter or rescue group and let it find a new family. Many of them offer low cost spay/neuter programs. If you cannot adopt, give a look at the sites and see if you can make a donation here are many ways to help. If you can donate just an hour or two a week, become a volunteer. Become a foster family for an animal while they are waiting for a permanent home. Shop in their on line stores. They have very nice gifts for that animal lover in your life. Participate in their fund raisers. Many of the shelters have interesting things going on like dinners, tag sales, raffles etc. Everything goes to the animals. Theses are arranged by county. If you do not see a shelter or group in your county, call the one nearest you. If they cannot help, they will be glad to refer you to one who can. Be sure to check nearby states.
If you have anything that you plan on disposing of, and I do mean anything, please call a shelter and see if they can use it before you through it out. The can uses practically anything and if they cannot use it themselves, many of then run thrift shops and flea markets to raise money. You can also donate an old car, used cell phones (check the sites to see which shelters participate in theses programs) redeemable bottles. They are very resourceful and can put anything to good use and instead of just throwing it away, you get a tax deduction.


Aiken SPCA (cats and dogs)
They offer microchipping, obedience classes, pet therapy and a low cost spay/neuter program.


Anderson County Humane Society ( cats and dogs)
Check out the up coming events page. There are some interesting things coming up. They also offer a low cost spay/neuter program.


Beaufort County Animal Shelter (cats and dogs)
They are in need of old blankets and towels. If you can help, just drop them off.

Beaufort Humane Association (cats and dogs)
Check out their thrift shop link. If you are nearby, stop in. You get a good bye and they get needed cash.

Hilton Head Humane Association (cats and dogs)


Berkeley County Paws (cats and dogs)
They are in need of foster homes. Check out the site and see if you qualify for the free spay/neuter program


John Ancrum SPCA

Coastal Large Animal Rescue Team
Large animals need help too and many of the rescue groups do not have the equipment or knowledge to handle large animals such as horses and cows. They are always looking for new members. And of course if you have a large animal emergency, give them a call.

Low Country Golden Retriever Rescue Resource
Do you like to play golf? Check out their up coming tournament. Maybe you can be the winner. They have many other interesting events coming up.

Chester County Animal Shelter (cats And dogs)


Paws And Claws Humane Society (cats And dogs)
Read this site. And you will see importance of adopting a shelter pet.

Rainbow Bridge Animal Rescue And Adoption (all species)
They adopt out to South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia And Virginia


Cullen’s Archangel RescuE’s
They have a nice on line store Also contact them about their spay/neuter And vaccination programs.

The Greenville Humane Society (cats And dogs)

Pet Tender Angels ( dogs only)
They are in need of donations. And sponsors. Contact them if you can help even if just a little.


Humane Society of Greenwood


Waccamaw Animal Rescue (cats And dogs)


Jasper Animal Rescue Mission (cats And dogs)


Save The Strays ( dogs only)
They have many ways you can help without even leaving your house Check on the links on the site.

Walter Crowe Animal Shelter (cats And dogs)
Check out the Items Needed At Shelter section. See if you can bring them a gift/


Marion County SPCA (all Animals)


The Animal Rescue Fund of South Carolina (cats And dogs)


Animal Protection League of South Carolina (cats And dogs)
Check out the up coming events on the front page.

Carolina Cats Adopt-A-Kitty ( cats only)
If you want to help, bookmark their page. And use their google search when you search the internet, They don’t get much but everything helps.

Carolina Wildlife Care
No adoptions here, but if you want to help take care of wildlife, give a look at the site, make a donation or maybe buy something from their gift shop.

Midlands Golden Retriever Rescue (Golden Retrievers)

Project Pet (cats And dogs)


Amazing Animals Rescued And Rehabilitated From Foster to Forever( dogs only)

Animal Allies
This organization does not have animals, their mission is to offer a low cost spy/neuter program.


Greyhound Lifesavers (Greyhounds only)

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