How to Feed Muskrats

Muskrat is a small animal that resembles with rat but it is not a rat as it belongs to a completely different family. Many people raise muskrats at their home because this small animal is harmless. Muskrats have beautiful fur on their skin that makes them distinctive from common rats. Feeding muskrats is not difficult at all as they eat almost all things including small animals and plants. Usually muskrats live near water ponds, streams, rivers, drainage ditches and other areas where the soil is damp because of water. Keep reading to know how to feed muskrats.


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    First of all, you should arrange a place in your house where you want to keep the muskrats. Make sure you do not leave them free because they will start digging the area with their small but sharp teeth and will make many holes in your home.

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    Try to use a fence in your year that should be put deep into the ground in order to keep muskrats restricted in the area. However, make sure you have covered the fence with a board in order to provide a roof to muskrats.

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    Having a big cage is the best idea of raising muskrats at home because you will not be required to build a fence around their place in order to restrict them to a specific area.

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    Muskrats usually eat plants and small animals like insects. The leaves and waste of uncooked vegetables is the best food that you can give to muskrats. Make sure you have cut the leaves of vegetables into small pieces. You can also feed muskrats with vegetables as they eat almost all types of vegetables.

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    Muskrats also eat water lilies, weeds, rushes, cattails and some other watery plants. You can also arrange these things for the muskrats.

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    With the ability to adapt changing environment, muskrats always eat whatever they find. You can easily change their eating habits and they will adopt it quickly.

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    Place a board in the fence of muskrats which should be near to their living holes and put different seeds, weeds, crushed vegetables and fruits. Muskrats will start eating all these things as soon as you leave the place.

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    You should provide enough amount of food to the muskrats because they usually start fighting with each other for snatching food. Sufficient amount of food will keep them satisfied and they will not harm each other.

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